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This has been a tragic year for all of us, and we have overcome it and have adapted to the new normal. Our hotel continues to grow exponentially. We are grateful for all the feedback you have shared with us, particularly regarding our excellent service, delightful cuisine & flexibility in handling your requests. As the year is coming to an end, we are planning a special celebration at our Deck to usher in 2020. We will be planning a splendid evening for our guests, as well as live music and special gifts to be won at the end of the night. We want all our guests to have a wonderful dinner and enjoy the night as we bid farewell to 2019. We will be welcoming 2020 with dedication to meeting all our guests’ needs and also in improving our service standards and facilities to cater to you as perfectly as possible. Our team at Hotel Harshikhar strives to ensure that you are always pleased and that we exceed your expectations in delivering the very best services. Like this year, we aim to make Hotel Harshikhar your perfect stay in Bhimtal’. We are always very grateful to you for your support and feedback as we continue to strive to be the best hotel in Bhimtal’.

Mr. Rishi Kant Sinha - General Manager









Why Choose Us

Conscientious & Professional


Our serving choir is always ready to serve you your delicious meal at any time of the day. They are through professionals, courteous and extremely helpful. They understand and comprehend each customer’s requirement and are pleasant and helpful as well. With them around...it feels like a home away from home…


We provide smart, result-driven business communication solutions. Be it your vacation with your family or if it is your Business Trip, we help our clients and execute all their trouble without any complications.


Keeping in mind the money issues we give you the freedom to do any kind of transactions while you are staying at our hotel. We make sure that there are no hassles or inconvenience caused. If you want to do a cashless transaction, you can use any mode which you are comfortable in.


Explore the hidden waterfalls and the green hills. Let the beauty of Bhimtal enchanter you. Trek along the wildness and make your way to the hill top. Come and indulge yourself and see nature at its best.


Our chef has a long experience in this industry. Specialized in exotic multi-cuisines and adding to it is his classic ingredients will surely get you alluring. The food along with the natural climate surrounding you will surely give you a luxurious experience.


The hotel gives a 24*7 service. You do not need to worry about a thing, we have everything perfectly assembled for you. Be it your room or your meal we have you covered for your entire stay with us.


Customer Satisfaction